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Photo  par Philip Plisson
Photo  par Philip Plisson
Photo  par Philip Plisson

Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Philip Plisson



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Philip Plisson

Copacabana Beach is located south of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. It is one of the most famous, legendary and beautiful beaches on the planet. Seen from the sky, its 4.5 km long crescent shape is even more impressive. The parasols that color the sand in front of the emerald sea are the photographer's colorful delight! This photograph was taken in 2016 by Philip Plisson in a Helicopter.

Offer yourself this “Little Princess of the Seas” (her nickname in Portuguese), an art photography available in different formats and supports :

  • Poster photo : 60x20 cm, 50x25 cm, 30x40 cm, 40x30 cm, 60x80 cm, 80x60 cm, 95x33cm, 100x50 cm and 150x52 cm
  • Photo on canvas : 60x160 cm, 40x120 cm, 60x80 cm, 25x50 cm and trio 3x25x25 cm
  • Signed edition : photo format 38x13 cm, and with a passe-partout : 50x40 cm

Our photographs can be framed in American box or classic frame available in various colors : 

  • For our photo posters : american box, 5 colors to choose or frame with plexi, 4 colors to choose
  • For our canvases : adjusted frame, 5 colors to choose 
  • For our signed edition : frame with glass, 3 colors to choose

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Philip was born on the banks of the Loire river, and discovered La Trinité-sur-Mer when he was 4 years old. This is where his father gave him his first passion: sailing. The need of sea will not leave him anymore! At 9, he discovered his second passion: the photo thanks to his paternal grandmother who offered him his first camera. In the early 80's, Philip decided to live with his two passions: photographing to navigate and navigate to photographing. Named Painter of the French Navy in 1991, he testifies to the major events related to the sea world in order to preserve the memory of our contemporary maritimity, as had wished Richelieu creating the Corps of Painters of the Navy. Philip, as a sailor-photographer, has only one leitmotiv: to have every day a new desire of image to take and to share with you. For more information :