Finistère Photo

The sea is indomitable in Finistère, as shown by the several winter storms. Waves attacking lighthouses in the open sea, as if they had decided to destroy everything on their way. The 2 Breton departments of North Finistère and South Finistère are now one. It is the first coastal department of France with its 118 coastal municipalities and more than 1,250 km of coastline, i.e. almost a quarter of the French coastline.

The most photogenic lighthouses at sea can be found along the coast of Finistère. Around Ouessant you can find La Jument, Nividic and Kéréon in the Fromveur. In the Iroise Sea, Les Pierres Noires, Tévennec, La Vieille and Ar-Men in the Chaussée de Sein.

When the swell rubs against them, the lighthouses of Finistère look like impregnable fortresses.

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