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Photo  par Philip Plisson
Photo  par Philip Plisson
Photo  par Philip Plisson

In the Venice lagoon

Philip Plisson



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Ref. T1454

Philip Plisson

The Venice lagoon offers exceptional spectacles to those who are daring enough to venture into it! Since 1987, Venice and its lagoon have been listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site, and you can see why looking at this photograph.  A painting, a drawing, that man has created on this vast water expanse where the lights are highly appreciated by photographers who know how to take the time to look, in order to share this beautiful picture with us.

This photograph is available:

  • On canvas in triptych 160x60 cm, made of two canvases 60x40 cm on the outside and one canvas 80x60 cm in the middle.

Pêcheur d'images proposes you a collection of photographs "between Sky & Sea" printed on cotton canvas and mounted on a 3.5 cm frame. Our formats will perfectly suit the decoration of your Home, whether in small or large size, panoramic or vertical, single or triptych.

Philip was born on the banks of the Loire river, and discovered La Trinité-sur-Mer when he was 4 years old. This is where his father gave him his first passion: sailing. The need of sea will not leave him anymore! At 9, he discovered his second passion: the photo thanks to his paternal grandmother who offered him his first camera. In the early 80's, Philip decided to live with his two passions: photographing to navigate and navigate to photographing. Named Painter of the French Navy in 1991, he testifies to the major events related to the sea world in order to preserve the memory of our contemporary maritimity, as had wished Richelieu creating the Corps of Painters of the Navy. Philip, as a sailor-photographer, has only one leitmotiv: to have every day a new desire of image to take and to share with you. For more information :