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Venus clams drawing

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This shellfish lives in the sand, and can be found all along the Atlantic Arc, from Scotland to Portugal, with a small deviation to the Mediterranean. Heavier, fatter and firmer than the clam, the Venus clam can be identified by its thick, concentrically striped shell. Once hung on your wall, they'll certainly whet your appetites - and your need for the sea!

This shell photograph is available :

  • Photo on canvas : 40x40 cm and 60x60 cm

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  • For our canvases : adjusted frame, 5 colors to choose from

Pêcheur d'images proposes you a collection of photographs "between Sky & Sea" printed on cotton canvas and mounted on a 3.5 cm frame. Our formats will perfectly suit the decoration of your Home, whether in small or large size, panoramic or vertical, single or triptych.