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Having a break

Philip Plisson

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Ref. LAM039.053

Philip Plisson

A pretty table lamp, ‘Having a break". Elegance and brilliance in the colors of the sea.

  • Printed on specialized polyester paper guaranteed to give you exceptional brightness, better image definition and even more vibrant colors.
  • Two sizes available: height 39 cm - diameter 17 cm & height 29 cm - diameter 12 cm
  • Mounted on 3 feet for better light diffusion and slimmer lines
  • Dimension: height 39 cm - diameter 17 cm and height 29 cm - diameter 12 cm
  • Recommendation: 40W maximum for small and 75W maximum for large, led / neutral white bulb 
  • Manufactured: 100% in Brittany
  • This lamp is sold without bulb

Philip was born on the banks of the Loire river, and discovered La Trinité-sur-Mer when he was 4 years old. This is where his father gave him his first passion: sailing. The need of sea will not leave him anymore! At 9, he discovered his second passion: the photo thanks to his paternal grandmother who offered him his first camera. In the early 80's, Philip decided to live with his two passions: photographing to navigate and navigate to photographing. Named Painter of the French Navy in 1991, he testifies to the major events related to the sea world in order to preserve the memory of our contemporary maritimity, as had wished Richelieu creating the Corps of Painters of the Navy. Philip, as a sailor-photographer, has only one leitmotiv: to have every day a new desire of image to take and to share with you. For more information : www.plisson.com