Our Frames

To hang the sea to your walls, we offer custom framing in american boxes. For your information, if you do not choose a frame for your photos or posters for your art prints, the photo will be shipped rolled.

American Box

You can frame your photo poster, or your art print in a American box, 3.7 cm wide, and 0.7 cm thick. It will be like "suspended" in its frame, without glass. You just have to choose between our five colors, selected to perfectly fit any interior decoration styles : red, black, Grey, taupe and white. For art prints we also offer a beautiful oak case.

Frame with plexi

For your Photo Poster, we offer a classic 2.5 cm wide wand available in black, grey, white and oak for a result that is all sober. This frame comes with a 1 mm thick plexi.

Canvas frame

For your Canvases, we can also offer you frames in a 4.20 cm wide and 0.80 cm thick american box, available in red, black, Grey, taupe and white.

Frame with glass

For signed editions we offer a wand 1.5 cm wide by 3 cm deep that will give relief to your image. 3 colors available in black, white and oak for a result while sobriety. This frame comes with a glass of 3 mm thick.